Monday, July 31, 2006

Vivus prize essay

Vivus prize essay: "There may be a hidden irony in environmentalism that worships biodiversity but derogates consumerism, if both result from the same imperatives of sexual signalling."

Friday, July 28, 2006

Venom-spitting Sideshow Freak - Anne Coulter

YouTube - Anne Coulter - Clueless

Two videos here of Coulter being nuts, first on Clinton ("gay") and then on Gore ("big fag")

Ugly-soulled woman reveals to world, yet again, that she inhabits a different reality, one of her own making. A self-indulgent irresponsible motormouth, she is pretty and articulate enough to be invited on shows to spew her venom.

Too smart not to be able to know how divisive and harmful her constant lying is, and the effect it has on the nation, she is either motivated from ill-will and a touch of evil, in which case her lies are acts of anti-Americanism; or she has had some sort of psychic disturbance and a break with reality, and she really believes the words she spits. And in desperate need of therapy.

Of Anne:

update: I just found this gem. It's a piece by Al Franken, and a smoldering opening statement he made during a public debate with the blonde bombastic beelzebub.

Here's a snippet, referring to a previous debate:
But Ann went first, and set her tone for the entire evening. "It was fascinating being here for the demonstrations this weekend," she said with a snotty Darien sneer. "I guess that's why I didn't get clean towels in my hotel room this morning."

There was an audible gasp from the Jews. Ann continued: "I haven't seen so many agitated Mexicans since the World Cup Soccer Games were in L.A." As offended as the diners were, the waiters were pissed. Ann was actually dumb enough to drink her coffee afterwards.

Freedom River. VideoSift

Freedom River. VideoSift

Via: VideoSift

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dancing for Armageddon, literally

This is snipped from the most recent Harper's. These people are insane, and should be kept isolated in their own little corner somewhere, not anywhere within earshot of the decider.
It turns out there's an upside to the current conflict between Israel and Hezbollah—if you're waiting for the second coming of Christ. Here's a selection of excited messages spotted over the last few days on the Rapture Ready/End Times Chat online bulletin board. By Ken Silverstein.
Praise God! We are chosen to be in these times and also watch and spread the word. Something inside me is exploding to get out, and I don't know what it is. Its kind of like I want to do cartwheels around the neighborhood.

* * *
In another thread, someone brought up the fact that the kidnapping of the first Israeli soldier that started this whole thing was on June 25th and if you count from that day to August is *EXACTLY 40 days!!!!!*

I find that to be a HUGE coincidence.
* *

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Star Trek TOS Knights of the Round Table

Culture devouring itself
and being reborn, like the Phoenix

Mash up of Star Trek original series, and Monty Python Knights of the Round Table song

No matter how far I may think I have come since the days when we would gather early before chemistry class in highschool, and re-enact skits from the previous night's Python -- that is, how far from authentic highschool nerdom -- I see something such as this video, and there's that feeling full force: now I just need a chemistry class to be early for.

The Precipice of the Brink of War??

This is an example of why I love Jon Stewart.

Via: VideoSift

Ballgag for Bill Kristol, please

Do you hear an echo?
Billyboy Kristol is one who insited the Iraqis would welcome us with open arms. He's singing the same tune, minor change in lyrics.
Now it's the Iranians who want us to occupy their lands.

A curse on all the warmongers.

the show with zefrank - 05-05-06

the show with zefrank - 05-05-06
This is one of my favorites of his. It's the anti-intellectualism episode.

the show with zefrank

Monday, July 17, 2006


Text messaging using your email client. Works flawlessly with all cellphones in the US and Canada.
(many other similar services I've tried were problematic)

Give 'em Zell, Joe!


J is for Japan?


thanks John
this made my morning
fiddler on the roof in japanese. it was inevitable

I did some digging and found a little information about the source for this clip, at Jewschool. The posting is from February 2006, as was the production, as can be seen from the the poster. The resolution isn't clear enough to tell much more about it though. And the original links in the posting are no longer live.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Happy Endings: Jeff Gannon Gets Republicans To Pay For PG-Rated Performance

Happy Endings: Jeff Gannon Gets Republicans To Pay For PG-Rated Performance / Queerty

found at queerty

Saturday, July 15, 2006

My Little Dildo Pony

The Daily Show visits the Castro, and presents this report about one new Castro arrival who is upset because the neighborhood does not conform to his preferences.

There Goes the Gayborhood


Friday, July 14, 2006

FEMA Concentration Camp footage

Covertly taken footage of a FEMA concentration camp under construction. Also featuring Black Helicopters and trains
I'll start packing now. Haven't been to Summer Camp for years, I hope there are campfires and marshmallows.

I've heard work will make me free. Can't wait.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Gear Factor

Gear Factor:

"This MEMS (Micro ElectroMechanical System) bad breath detector measures the sulfur-based compounds produced by food particles trapped in the mouth, letting you know if you've got dragon breath before it curls your partner's hair. "

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tube-a-go-go, or Dance-able Ignorance

Have a listen. It's pretty good. Catchy lyrics..."a series of tubes..."

Ted Steven’s remix on Net Neutrality by BoldHeaded:

first snagged from

Sunday, July 09, 2006

"Dear Cell Phone User" -Use liberally

Print them out.
Hand them out.

The original sizes I made fit nicely on 3x5 cards. If you want me to send you my files for these, shoot me a note. I may post the rest in flickr, but no guarantees I'll get to it, so if you want them just let me know.

or download pdf. here

(confession: I've only used them in social situations one time, but I carry them with me as part of my hipster pda)

found at cloudal partners

I wanted to have some of these stamps created at
I was at the end of the ordering process, on the cusp of the "submit order" button-push, when I read the guidelines:

Examples of what is prohibited include content or design elements that, in our sole judgment and discretion, we believe may
  • Incorporate a celebrity, current or former leader, politician, religious figure, convicted criminal or notorious person, or other famous person's name or likeness.

Since the image on the stamp represents many if not all of those categories, I cancelled my order.

Readers possessing knowledge of the law in this sort of matter are encouraged to share.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hang up on Ann Coulter

I hope to see this become common practice in the coming days. Excellent.

Adam Carolla hangs up on sweetness herself.

Tis a thing of beauty.

Friday, July 07, 2006

the show with zefrank - 07-07-06

the show with zefrank - 07-07-06

the show with zefrank

Starwars Robot Chicken

Crooks and Liars � Ann Coultergeist

Crooks and Liars � Woman with Adams Apple Denounces Anal Sex and Fisting

North Korea - Military Photos

North Korea - Military Photos

Thursday, July 06, 2006

all kinds of stuff

all kinds of stuff:


This is from John Kricfalusi, the creator of Ren and Stimpy. He has been showing old R and S cartoons, linked to his blogger site, and received notice that Warner is forcing YouTube to pull the clips. Warner does not seem to notice that this is a site that will market their products, as boingboing points out.

Hey folks
I just sent this email to Youtube.

To whom it may concern,

I just received this and other notices from you:

"This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by Warner Brothers Entertainment claiming that this material is infringing:
Eatin' On The Cuff:"

These cartoon clips I post do nothing but promote Warner Bros. (and other cartoons). They don't compete with Warners. People who discover the cartoons on my and other fan sites will want torun out and buy high rez copies of them on DVD.

Warner Bros. even advertises on my site to sell Bugs Bunny and Looney Tunes related merchandise!

My blog and the blogs I link to are the best advertisements for old cartoons in the world.

While Warner Bros. stops promoting their own great properties by taking the cartoons off of the TV networks, the only way left for young fans to discover these classsic films is through Youtube and our fan blogs.

My blog is historical and educational content so is also covered by "fair use" protection.

I urge you to do the smart and right thing by restoring the low rez clips on Youtube and giving Warners back its free publicity and letting the world know more about their great historical legacy.

Do not bury Bugs Bunny and his pals.

Techdirt: Attention English Teachers: Google Is Officially A Verb

Techdirt: Attention English Teachers: Google Is Officially A Verb

The OED's list of new additions. "Google" is now officially a verb. Google me, baby, google me gooood.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Network - First 8 minutes

Network - First 8 minutes

View on Grouper.comAdd to Blogger Blog

The first eight minutes of one of the best movies ever made.

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Mission Statement - Central Campaign Wikia

Mission Statement - Central Campaign Wikia:

Let's ramp up the intelligence of politics

An open letter to the political blogosphere

Jimmy (Jimbo) Wales, July 4, 2006

For more than 50 years now, we have been living in the era of television politics. In the 1950s television first began to have a major impact on politics, and the results were overwhelming.

Broadcast media brought us broadcast politics. And let's be simple and bluntly honest about it, left or right, conservative or liberal, broadcast politics are dumb, dumb, dumb.

Campaigns have been more about getting the television messaging right, the image, the soundbite, than about engaging ordinary people in understanding and caring how political issues really affect their lives.

Blog and wiki authors are now inventing a new era of media, and it is my belief that this new media is going to invent a new era of politics. If broadcast media brought us broadcast politics, then participatory media will bring us participatory politics.

I am launching today a new Wikia website aimed at being a central meeting ground for people on all sides of the political spectrum who think that it is time for politics to become more participatory, and more intelligent."

Jesus' General

Jesus' General

Gods Next Army - Google Video

Gods Next Army - Google Video

Angry Biting Dog

This had me rolling on the floor.

Via: VideoSift

I don't care if it's real or not.

Pigs in Delaware

Why is it so difficult for me
to restrain myself from calling these people

A large Delaware school district promoted Christianity so aggressively that a Jewish family felt it necessary to move to Wilmington, two hours away, because they feared retaliation for filing a lawsuit. The religion (if any) of a second family in the lawsuit is not known, because they're suing as Jane and John Doe; they also fear retaliation. Both families are asking relief from "state-sponsored religion."

Among numerous specific examples in the complaint was what happened at plaintiff Samantha Dobrich's graduation in 2004 from the district's high school. She was the only Jewish student in her graduating class. The complaint relates that local pastor, Jerry Fike, in his invocation, followed requests for "our heavenly Father's" guidance for the graduates with:

I also pray for one specific student, that You be with her and guide her in the path that You have for her. And we ask all these things in Jesus' name.

In addition to the ruined graduation experience, the Dobrich-Doe lawsuit alleges that:
  • The district's "custom and practice of school-sponsored prayer" frequently imposed ... on impressionable non-Christian students," violating their constitutional rights.
  • The district ignored the Supreme Court's 1992 Lee decision limiting prayer at graduation ceremonies -- even after a district employee complained about the prayer at her child's 2003 graduation.
  • District teachers and staff led Bible clubs at several schools. Club members got to go to the head of the lunch line.
  • While Bible clubs were widely available, student book clubs were rare and often canceled by the district.
  • When Jane Doe complained that her non-Christian son "Jordan Doe" was left alone when his classmates when to Bible club meetings, district staff insisted that Jordan should attend the club regardless of his religion.
  • The district schools attended by Jordan and his sister "Jamie Doe" distributed Bibles to students in 2003, giving them time off from class to pick up the books.
  • Prayer --often sectarian -- is a routine part of district sports programs and social events
  • One of the district's middle schools gave students the choice of attending a special Bible Club if they did not want to attend the lesson on evolution.
  • A middle school teacher told students there was only "one true religion" and gave them pamphlets for his surfing ministry.
  • Samantha Dobrich's honors English teacher frequently discussed Christianity, but no other religion.
  • Students frequently made mandatory appearances at district board meetings -- where they were a captive audience for board members' prayers to Jesus.


A good example of why the State and the church need to be kept far apart.

And lest anyone forget, and as if it matters,
our founding fathers were not Christians.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

In Good Faith - The real meaning of Barack Obama's speech on religion and politics. By Amy Sullivan

In Good Faith - The real meaning of Barack Obama's speech on religion and politics. By Amy Sullivan: "Obama's speech, delivered to an audience of the frustrated religious left, was not a tactical plan for electoral success in November or in 2008. It wasn't a 'We are too religious!' rebuttal to Republicans. It was, for the first time in modern memory, an affirmative statement from a Democrat about 'how to reconcile faith with our modern, pluralistic democracy,' as Obama put it. John F. Kennedy in 1960 and Mario Cuomo in 1984 each gave seminal speeches on faith and Democratic politics, but they were primarily concerned with defining their own faith—Catholicism—in terms of what it was not."

SFJOCKO's reviews

SFJOCKO's reviews

If only gay sex caused global warming - Los Angeles Times

If only gay sex caused global warming - Los Angeles Times

Throw away your TV - Root of all Evil - Full Documentary

Throw away your TV - Root of all Evil
part 1:


Peruse the Throw Away Your TV Archive for some great, "mind-blowing" video:

The New Yorker: Last Stand by Sy Hersh


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Librarians and Our Liberty

American Patriots

American Patriots

[from the July 17, 2006 issue]

Patriotism, Tom Paine observed, is not best measured in times of national comfort and quiet. It is in times of crisis, when the summer soldiers and sunshine patriots have retreated to the safety of official talking points and unquestioning loyalty, that those who truly understand the meaning and merit of the American experiment come to its defense. On the 230th anniversary of the launch of that experiment, let us reflect on those who have met the test, noting in particular that some of the boldest expressions of patriotism have come from groups not necessarily associated with dissent.

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Cult of the Suicide Bomber

The first 8 minutes of the documentary Cult of the Suicide Bomber