Friday, July 28, 2006

Venom-spitting Sideshow Freak - Anne Coulter

YouTube - Anne Coulter - Clueless

Two videos here of Coulter being nuts, first on Clinton ("gay") and then on Gore ("big fag")

Ugly-soulled woman reveals to world, yet again, that she inhabits a different reality, one of her own making. A self-indulgent irresponsible motormouth, she is pretty and articulate enough to be invited on shows to spew her venom.

Too smart not to be able to know how divisive and harmful her constant lying is, and the effect it has on the nation, she is either motivated from ill-will and a touch of evil, in which case her lies are acts of anti-Americanism; or she has had some sort of psychic disturbance and a break with reality, and she really believes the words she spits. And in desperate need of therapy.

Of Anne:

update: I just found this gem. It's a piece by Al Franken, and a smoldering opening statement he made during a public debate with the blonde bombastic beelzebub.

Here's a snippet, referring to a previous debate:
But Ann went first, and set her tone for the entire evening. "It was fascinating being here for the demonstrations this weekend," she said with a snotty Darien sneer. "I guess that's why I didn't get clean towels in my hotel room this morning."

There was an audible gasp from the Jews. Ann continued: "I haven't seen so many agitated Mexicans since the World Cup Soccer Games were in L.A." As offended as the diners were, the waiters were pissed. Ann was actually dumb enough to drink her coffee afterwards.


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